Filipino Kurzfilme

Filipino Kurzfilme

Ein Blick in die philippinische Gesellschaft: Fünf Kurzfilme von unabhängigen philippinischen Filmemachern

Movie Artwork

Mit Rahmenprogramm in Kooperation mit dem Philippinisch-Deutschen Verein zeigen wir folgende Kurzfilme in der philippinischen Originalsprache mit englischen Untertiteln:

1. Beauty Queen

Set in the Philippines during World War II, a young woman struggles to find herself after losing her father. She joins the anti-Japanese guerilla forces, to prove that she is more than just a beauty queen.

PH | Regie: | Myra Aquino | 18 Min.

2. Ang Gasgas na Plaka ni Lolo Bert (The Broken Vinyl)

A closeted gay man in his 60s has been living with HIV for 10 years.  His monotonous life takes a sudden turn when he receives an old vinyl record from his dead ex-lover.

PH 2019 | Regie: Cheska Marfori, Janina Gacosta | 5 Min


In a secluded barangay, a woman of 23 learns that her 12-year old neighbor is chosen as the town’s yearly sacrifice to appease the heavens. Nursing six years of grief, she finally gains the last thing she needs to take matters into her own hands.

PH 2023 | Regie: Julianne Reyes | 14 Min

4. Homecredit

Struggling to pay for his 16-year-old daughter’s laptop, a conscientious father applies for a product loan purchase after getting convinced by a saleslady in a very unusual IT retail shop.

PH 2023 | Regie: Thom Sison | 11 Min.

5. Heist School

On the brink of failing high school, wayward best friends Omar and Joedel devise a risky plan to keep their graduation plans alive. With everything at stake, the odd duo take their final test of resiliency, street smarts, and most of all,friendship

PH 2023 | Regie: Julius Jenomeron | 17 Min.

PH 2023 | Regie: versch. | ab tba Jahren | 90 Minuten